If the application which triggered the transfer is not running on either your Aspera On-Demand instance or the customer's Aspera Server you should use the SOAP Job API.  This API allows you to send a SOAP request to one of the Aspera Nodes to start the transfer.  When working in Azure the approach is to leverage the SOAP API with the REST Node API by issuing Basic Authenticated HTTP requests.  For example, to start the transfer you could use the following cURL command:

curl -v -k -i --basic -u "ASPERA_ON_DEMAND_USERNAME:ASPERA_ON_DEMAND_PRIMARY_ACCESS_KEY" -H "Expect: " -H "Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8" -H "SOAPAction: JobNET-200601#Submit" -d @soap_payload.xml -X POST "https://ASPERA_ON_DEMAND_HOST_NAME.azure.asperaondemand.com:9092/services/soap/JobNET-200601"

In this example, the soap_payload.xml file would be the following:


An example of the job order that you would be used to transfer from an Azure-based Aspera On-Demand server would be:

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