What is a Workspace?

  • Distinct context in which users can share files and send packages
  • Provides users with home folders where they can put content
  • Has separate storage from other workspaces
  • Can be branded with a logo image

Workspace memberships can be created and modified by organization admins and workspace managers.


List the current User&39;s Workspaces (including those the user has access to through other groups):

GET /workspaces

List a Group&39;s Workspaces (not including those the group has access to through other groups):

GET /workspace_memberships?embed%5B%5D=workspace&member_type=group&member_id=5C

List a Workspace&39;s members (those explicitly assigned to the Workspace):

GET /workspace_memberships?embed%5B%5D=member&workspace_id=5C


  • allow_package_level_expirations - allows package to set content_retention_duration and delete_package_content_after_download_duration values(read-only, read-write for admins)
  • can_invite_by_email - (boolean, read-only, user-specific)
  • content_retention_duration (admin or workspace manager only) - number of seconds to retain package content.
  • created_at - (read-only)
  • delete_package_content_after_download_duration - in seconds (read-only, read-write for admins)
  • description - (admin or workspace manager only)
  • external - (boolean, user-specific) This signifies that the user is not a full member of the workspace - at this time "external" users will not be able to invite other users into the workspace.
  • external_package_sending_allowed - (boolean, read-only, read-write for admins)
  • external_package_sending_allowed_by_managers - (boolean, read-write for admins)
  • external_sharing_allowed - (boolean, read-only, read-write for admins)
  • external_sharing_allowed_by_managers - (boolean, read-write for admins)
  • group_id - (read-only) The id of the group containing all members of this workspace.
  • home_container_file_id - (admin only, create only) The file id of the folder containing users&39; home folders for this workspace
  • home_file_id - (read-only, user-specific)
  • home_node_id - (read-only, user-specific)
  • id - (read-only)
  • image_data - image data (Base64), not returned unless image_data is included ie. include%5B%5D=image_data is used
  • image_type - (read-only, read-write for admins and workspace managers)
  • invitations_allowed - (boolean, read-only, read-write for admins)
  • invitations_allowed_by_managers - (boolean, read-write for admins)
  • manager - (boolean, read-only, user-specific)
  • managers_group_id - (read-only) The id of the group containing all managers of this workspace.
  • member - (boolean, read-only, user-specific)
  • name - (required)
  • node_id - (admin only, create only)
  • public_invites_allowed - (boolean, read-only, read-write for admins)
  • public_invites_allowed_by_managers - (boolean, read-write for admins)
  • public_links_allowed - (boolean, read-only, read-write for admins)
  • public_links_allowed_by_managers - (boolean, read-write for admins)
  • root_file_id - (admin only, create only) The file id of the root folder containing all workspaces in the organization
  • running_operation_count - (read-only)
  • spool_file_id - (admin only, create only) The file id of the folder containing packages for this workspace
  • stopped_operation_count - (read-only)
  • updated_at - (read-only)

Query Parameters (for GET):

  • created_at
  • embed%5B%5D=home_node
  • embed%5B%5D=node
  • name_contains
  • name
  • node_id
  • q - Search name
  • updated_at




  • id - (read-only)
  • manager - (boolean, read-only except for admins and workspace managers)
  • member_id - (required, create-only)
  • member_type - (required, create-only)
  • running_operation_count - (admin and workspace-manager only, read-only)
  • stopped_operation_count - (admin and workspace-manager only, read-only)
  • workspace_id - (required, create-only)

Query Parameters (for GET):

  • embed%5B%5D=member
  • embed%5B%5D=workspace
  • inherited - true/false, inherited memberships are included if not specified
  • manager - true/false
  • member_id
  • member_type
  • q - search
    • q=jacob will search members for "jacob"
    • q=last_login_at:>2015-01-01 (URI escaped: q=last_login_at%3A%3E2015-01-01) will search for all member users who have logged in since January 1st, 2015.
  • workspace_id

Sort keys:

  • member.email
  • member.first_name
  • member.last_login_at
  • member.last_name
  • member.name - user/group name
  • member.system_group



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