When enabled, usage reporting will collect information about the number of bytes transferred into and out of an organization an a per workspace/access key basis. A report begins at the start of a month (or when usage reporting is enabled) and ends at the beginning of the next month when a new report is created. An active report for the current month will show month-to-date usage information, while usage reports for previous months will no longer change and show historical data. Due to the way the reporting information is collected, the number of bytes transferred is an approximation and may vary from the actual billed usage if there are transfers that are close to or spanning the changeover between months.

Usage reports are read-only resources and all attributes are read-only.


  • node_id
  • reporting_period_bytes - the total number of bytes transferred during this reporting period
  • reporting_period_bytes_in
  • reporting_period_bytes_out
  • reporting_period_started_at - when the current reporting period started, usually the beginning of the current month
  • reporting_period_ended_at - when the reporting period ended or null if the report is still active for the current month
  • total_bytes - the total number of bytes transferred since the node started collecting usage information
  • total_bytes_in
  • total_bytes_out
  • updated_at - the last time the usage data was updated
  • workspace_id

Query Parameters (for GET):

  • node_id
  • workspace_id

Sort keys:

  • node_id
  • reporting_period_started_at (default)
  • workspace_id


GET /api/v1/usage_reports?workspace_id=1
200 OK
    "node_id": "1",
    "reporting_period_bytes": 3251,
    "reporting_period_bytes_in": 3251,
    "reporting_period_bytes_out": 0,
    "reporting_period_ended_at": null,
    "reporting_period_started_at": "2016-12-01T00:00:01.000Z",
    "total_bytes": 348062,
    "total_bytes_in": 93838,
    "total_bytes_out": 254224,
    "updated_at": "2016-12-09T02:13:03.000Z",
    "workspace_id": "1"
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