An organization contains all the users, groups, and resources belonging to a real-world organization. Users within an organization can only see the organization they are in. Organization admins are able to change certain properties of the organization. All other users within the organization have read-only access.

Organization Resource


  • access_token_duration - (admin-only) How long an access token is valid in seconds. Valid values are 3600-86400 (1-24 hours).
  • access_token_refresh_duration - (admin-only) The maximum amount of time a token can be refreshed. Valid values are 3600-1209600 (1 hour-14 days) or null to disable.
  • automatically_allowed_domains - (array of strings)
  • background_image_data - (binary, up to 4 MB), not returned unless image_data is included ie. include%5B%5D=image_data is used
  • background_image_type - (string)
  • consecutive_login_failures_limit - (admin-only) The number of login failures before the user is required to change passwords. Valid values are 2-10.
  • default_local_login_button_text - (admin-only, read-only) The default text that appears on the local login button
  • email_footer - This will be included at the end of every email.
  • enforce_password_history_count - (admin-only) The number of password changes that must occur before a password can be reused. Valid values are 1-12 or null to disable.
  • google_oauth - (boolean)
  • id - (read-only)
  • image_data - Base64-encoded binary image data for organization logo
  • image_type
  • invitation_message - This is included within the invitation email.
  • local_login_button_text - (admin-only) Customized text that will appear on the local login button
  • logo_image_data - (binary, up to 512 KB), not returned unless image_data is included ie. include%5B%5D=image_data is used
  • logo_image_type - (string)
  • name - (read-only)
  • oauth_token_verification_key - (read-only)
  • password_expiration_interval - (admin-only) How often a password change is required, in seconds. Valid values are 129600-31536000 (15 to 365 days) or null to disable.
  • password_reset_token_duration - (admin-only) How long the password reset link is good for, in seconds. Once it is expired, the user will need to request a new one. Valid values are 3600-604800 (1 hour-1 week).
  • require_strong_passwords - (admin-only, boolean) Strong passwords have at least 6 characters, at least one letter, one number, and one special character. Existing passwords will remain valid when this setting is changed.
  • session_duration - (admin-only) How long a user can be inactive before the user&39;s login session is terminated and access_token invalidated, in seconds. When enabled, activity is maintained by refreshing the access_token or by calling GET /ping to report activity. Valid values are 3600-604800 (1 hour-1 week) or null to disable.
  • subdomain_name - (read-only)
  • workspace_container_node_id - (read-only) When creating a Workspace, node_id is required, but the client can choose to use this value as a default. This gets set automatically to the first Node created in the Organization.


/organization is an alias to /organizations/{current user's organization id}.



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