This endpoint includes a number of MD5 hashes of various aspects of users' configuration which can be used as a quick checksum to determine if anything has changed, and if so, what has changed. It includes hashes of the user configuration, the server default metadata profile, and the user’s workgroup and dropbox memberships and the metadata profiles of those workgroups and dropboxes, if present.

Note: Any endpoint that begins with "/api/users/" (unless it's in the form "/api/users/me/") is accessible to admins only.

Common Error Code:

  • 404 No Content - Package not found; returns an error object
  • 400 Bad Request - Request parameters are invalid; returns an error object
  • 500 HTTP Internal Server Error - Request is valid but the server encountered an error; returns an error object

Get user configuration

 GET /api/users/{id}/configuration 
 GET /api/users/me/configuration

Note: "me" automatically aliases to "current_user_id".

Query Parameters: None

Request Body: None

Success Response Code:

  • HTTP 200 OK - Returns a response body with a membership object.

Example Response

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