POST /api/users/{user_id}/packages/{package_delivery_id}/files

This endpoint allows you to view files in a package.

Note: Any endpoint that begins with "/api/users/" (unless it's in the form "/api/users/me/") is accessible to admins only. The identifier me—indicating that the user is accessing data within their own domain of privileges, only—can be substituted for {user_id} or {dropbox_id} in the request.

Common Error Codes

  • 404 No Content - Package not found; returns an error object
  • 400 Bad Request - Request parameters are invalid; returns an error object
  • 500 Internal Server Error - Request is valid but the server encountered an error; returns an error object

Query Parameters: None

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Required/Optional Format Default Value Description
user_id required string none ID for user making the request
package_delivery_id required string none ID for the package
relative_path optional string root ("/") Path to the package

Request Example

			“path” : “all/users/files”

Success Response Codes

  • 200 OK

Example Request and Response

You can use a curl request to perform the request and read the return; be sure to change the address and port to the one your server uses.


curl -k -i -X POST https://nodeuser2:aspera@ -d '{"path":"/","sort":"size_d","filters":{"mtime_min":"2012-03-15 15:09:00","size_max":1000}}'


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