This service is used to determine whether a user can access the Faspex Server and whether the client application is allowed. The client application accessing this service passes in its base64-encoded license which is then checked by Faspex to see if the client is allowed. Normal response includes a list of services (same information as returned by the XRDS service) accessible to the user and permissions for the user. A request with invalid user credentials returns a "401 Unauthorized error; all other error conditions result in 200 OK with the error returned in the JSON response . Error codes are standardized across Aspera applications; refer to Error Codes for detailed information.

Note: In version 4.0 of the Faspex API the /signon endpoint returns a metadata profile with the response, by default.

  • Supported Formats: JSON
  • Faspex Support: 2.6.5 +

Request Example


Response Example

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