The Console REST APIs allow you to Submit, Control and Monitor Transfers. The Console API is available for Console version 2.0.1 and newer. Older versions do not support the API.  Currently Console version 2.0.1 supports API version 1.0.

The Console REST APIs perform all calls over HTTPS and require the username and password of a valid Console account.  The operations that can be completed are limited by the user's permission levels in Console.

Console 3.2.0 and later supports token authorization, which means admins can submit the authorization token in the JSON payload when creating a simple (or smart) transfer with the Node API. In the most common use case, the remote (destination) server is configured to require tokens in order to allow transfers. For an example of how to submit the token, see Upload Setup.

Common Repsonse Codes

All responses use standard HTTP response codes, and the commonly used codes used with the Console REST API are seen below.

  • 200 - Success
  • 401 - Bad, Missing, or Locked Username/Password
  • 403 - The Specific Operation allows the current user to know the existence of the item, but they cannot change it.
  • 422 - This is used for other errors and a JSON body is normally returned with details.  However, if no details are returned you can look in the mongrel logs

Response Content

If a response contains content, it is returned in JSON format with UTF-8 encoding.  All times are in in UTC.

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