This page allows you to generate a transerSpec that you can use with Connect transfers. You can either fill out the form or use the field at the bottom to paste your own code for testing.

Create transferSpec

You can use the form below to generate a transferSpec and aspera_connect_settings for your connect application. Simply answer the questions below. Questions marked with a red asterisk are required. Questions not required are optional or have the default value already set.


Required Items

The items below are required and are needed for a transfer to go through

If downloading you can use any group of paths you like. However, if you test your transferSpec it will fail if those files do not exist.

If uploading you can paste your own paths in it. However, for best results you should use the Upload prompt included with Connect. To test click Choose Upload Paths below and the File Selector will be shown and the created paths will be displayed in the box below. NOTE: If you use this and test the generated transferSpec (you can view it without testing it) the files you chose may get uploaded to the server you specified. Please do not choose any sensitive files.

Choose Upload Paths

The items below are optional and can help you fine tune your transfer to meet your server or user requirements.

Optional Items


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Paste transferSpec

You can use this section to test your own transferSpec. Simply copy and paste your transferSpec and connectSpec into the text box below. When ready hit Test transferSpec. This will initiate the Download or Upload. It is recommended to have Allow Connect Dialogs set to YES, since you will be unable to see the Connect Client window if it is set to NO. You can paste both transferSpec and connect Spec if passing in JavaScript code. If you are passing JSON be sure to include it just as it would be returned to you from the server. When using JavaScript be sure to declare transferSpec properly.

 Using Token

Test transferSpec

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