IBM Aspera Connect allows you to develop a native feel to your web applications while utilizing the Aspera file-transfer capabilities.  Through the JavaScript API you can offer a seamless user experience from initial installation of the plugin to use of the web application.

You can learn more about Connect and how to integrate it into your own web application we invite you to view the Intro to Connect Video.

Connect's JavaScript API allows you to control the look and feel as well as the workflow of your web applications allowing the end user to easily initiate transfers, view progress of transfers, and control their transfers.  It also allows you to fine tune your user's experience by allowing event handling and seamless integration with Connect.  

You are able to utilize the Connect's native dialogs or hide it to offer your user a natural experience in your web applications.

The Connect API is easy to setup and this guide is designed to help get you started.  To begin, browse the guide in the Components section to learn how to integrate fasp into your own web applications.

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