Depending on your needs, you can use the Aspera hosted versions to provide your users with the latest Connect SDK and Plugins, or you can host your own.  To host your own you will need to download the desired SDK version below.  Hosting your own versions allows you to fine tune every aspect of the user's experience and help satisfy company policy if applicable.  However, using the Aspera Hosted version is the easiest and quickest way, but if you need to host your own you can easily set it up using the guide below.

If you would like to use the Aspera Hosted version you can simply reference the following scripts in the header of your webpage.  The Aspera version is kept up to date with the most stable release of the SDK and plugins.

Connect 3.6 and Later

Connect 3.5 and Earlier

Download SDK

To get started you will need to download the SDK, this contains all of the files you will need to load on your web server.

Setup Web Server

Now that you have downloaded the SDK version of your choice you need to load it onto a web server; we recommend keeping it separate from your other servers. You can use any server setup and any directory, you just need to reference the JavaScript from your application.

Configure Correct cache-control Headers

To ensure that updates are recognized, your cache-control headers should be configured on your server.  This will allow clients to check whether or not files have been modified while still allowing you to take advantage of cache performance.  You can set this on a per directory basis if needed.

  • Cache-Control: private, must-revalidate
  • Expires: -1
  • Last-Modified: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Configure MIME Types

To ensure the browser plugin and Connect Installer files are served from your web server, you need to enable the following MIME types to be served from your server.

  • .crx - application/x-chrome-extension
  • .xpi - application/x-xpinstall
  • .jar - application/java-archive
  • .exe - application/octet-stream
  • .msi - application/octet-stream
  • .dmg - application/octet-stream
  • .sh - application/x-sh
  • .zip - application/zip
  • .cab -

Deploy the SDK

Now that the server is ready, you can deploy the contents of the SDK you downloaded.  We recommend using a folder on your server like /connect/, however, it is up to you how to setup your server's hierarchy and as long as you reference it appropriately in your application it will be fine.  Unzip the archive and move the content to the directory on your web server you choose.  If using a file manager, be sure to check permissions and owner rights for allowing the files to be accessed via the www process.

Configure Web Applications

The server is ready to host your own version of Connect SDK. You now just need to ensure that any web applications you create point to this location.  If you started with one of our samples you can simply replace the "//" with "//". To reference your own files in your applications, just add the following to the header of your HTML page (replace with your address).

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