There are two means of accessing the Connect SDK for use in your web application.

Cloudfront-Hosted Connect SDK

IBM Aspera provides a copy of the Connect SDK (and associated browser plugin) hosted on Cloudfront; this copy is subject to update at any time.

The first script (for connectinstaller) provides the files to set up a blue banner in the UI that prompts your users to install Connect. The second script (for asperaweb) provides the Connect SDK files.

Locally-Hosted Connect SDK

You may want to host your own copy of the SDK on a local server; this allows you to "lock down" a particular version of Connect. Click one of the links under Download Connect SDK to download the desired version. The Connect SDK contains all of the files that you need to load on your web server.

Note: The minimum secure version of Connect is 3.8.0. The blue install banner will prompt you to upgrade every 24 hours until you've upgraded to 3.8.0 or 3.8.1.

Once you have downloaded the Connect SDK, follow the steps in Setting Up Your Web Server to Host the Connect SDK.

Setting Up Your Web Server To Host the Connect SDK

After you download the Connect SDK, you need to load it onto a web server; we recommend keeping it separate from your other servers. You can use any server setup and any directory, but you must reference the JavaScript from your application.

1. Configure cache-control Headers

To ensure that updates are recognized, configure the following headers on your server:

  • Cache-Control: private, must-revalidate
  • Expires: -1
  • Last-Modified: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This allows clients to check whether or not files have been modified, while allowing you to take advantage of cache performance.  You can set the configuration on a per-directory basis, if needed.

2. Configure MIME Types

To ensure that web server sends the browser plugin and Connect Installer files from your web server correctly, enable the following MIME types:

  • .crx - application/x-chrome-extension
  • .xpi - application/x-xpinstall
  • .jar - application/java-archive
  • .exe - application/octet-stream
  • .msi - application/octet-stream
  • .dmg - application/octet-stream
  • .sh - application/x-sh
  • .zip - application/zip
  • .cab -

3. Deploy the SDK

Now that the server is ready, you can deploy the contents of the SDK.  We recommend using a directory on your server, such as /connect/.  Unzip the archive and move the content to the chosen directory on your web server.  Verify that the web server has permission to read the files.

4. Configure Web Applications

The server is now ready to host the Connect SDK. You now need to ensure that any web applications you create point to this location. For example, replace any occurrences of "//" with "//".

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