In the event you want to download or upload a file but do not intend to reproduce the entire file system path.  You can use --src-base to strip a prefix from the source object, while the remaining portion of the source path is kept intact at the destination.

For example, you have document root path /home/testuser/dev and wish to download the file java/src/ (which would have a full path of /home/testuser/dev/java/src/ from your Aspera Server to the local directory C:\snv-imports\dev\petcodes on your local machine.  Once the transfer completes you want to have the file C:\snv-imports\dev\petcodes\; essentially stripping /home/testuser/dev/java/src/ (or relative to the document root you want to strip java/src).

You can easily do this with most Aspera tools.  For example in the FASPManager API there is an option on the XferParams called sourceBase (command line: --src-base), this can be seen in the following Java example:


The Job Submission SOAP API also offers this feature, you can use the FileParameters/SourceBase element in the job order. In the examples below C:/snv-imports/dev/petcodes/ will be created at the destination; the XML below would be the same as running:

ascp --src-base="java/src" -d --user aspera --host server "java/src/" "C:/snv-imports/dev/petcodes"
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