There are many ways to develop Android applications and depending on the method you are using for development you may need to alter these instructions. First you need to install an IDE if you are using one. The main ones used for Android development is Android Studio or you can use a different Java IDE with the SDK.

Android SDK 3.7.0

 Download SDK 3.7.0Download SDK 3.7.0

What's new

  • updated fasp to
  • added http fallback support
  • switched target rates to use TargetRate instances rather than unsigned long long
  • switched to using enums for several FaspSessionParameters.Builder methods instead of ints/longs
  • added kotlin code snippets and samples
  • fixed crash and additional bug with session.stop

Upgrading from 3.6.x to 3.7.0

  • When upgrading from the 3.6.x releases of the Android SDK you need to remove the previous file aspera-mobile-all-3.6.x.jar from the app/libs/ folder of your project and copy the file aspera-mobile-all-3.7.0-..-.jar from the SDK to app/libs.
  • Next Update all methods calls that get/set the target rate to use TargetRate instances. Previous versions used long values in bits-per-second (bps) to represent target rates whereas starting with 3.7.0 the SDK uses TargetRate instances to represent target rates. A TargetRate instance may be created using new TargetRate(.., RateUnit.BPS) or new TargetRate(.., RateUnit.KBPS)

Android SDK 3.6.1

 Download SDK 3.6.1Download SDK 3.6.1

This next generation SDK for Android provides an improved and simplified API for transferring files to and from Android devices. Features include:

  • a simpler, cleaner API for transferring files
  • regular and persistent sessions
  • support for fasp protocol v3.6.1
  • built for arm and x86 devices
  • support for HAXM-powered emulators
  • SDK v3.6.1 adds support for armv7a, arm64, and x86_64 devices

Upgrading from 3.6.0

When upgrading from the 3.6.0 release of the Android SDK you need to remove the previous file aspera-mobile-all-3.6.0.jar from the app/libs/ folder of your project and copy the file aspera-mobile-all-3.6.1.jar from the SDK to app/libs.

Upgrading from 3.5.0 Beta

When upgrading from the 3.5.0 Beta release of the Android SDK you need to copy the file aspera-mobile-all-3.6.0.jar from the SDK to the app/libs/ folder of your project and remove the previous file aspera-mobile-all- Also in your project's app/build.gradle file replace the line compile 'com.squareup.dagger:dagger:1.2.2' with compile ''. Finally, sync your gradle script and then do a clean and rebuild of your project.

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