The Upload Setup endpoint allows you to get the information needed for an upload.  The request provides a JSON Object called the transfer_request and the response from the Node includes the transfer_spec JSON Object that includes the needed information for uploads.


URL: http(s)://<node_user>:<node_user_passwd>@<node_server>:<node_port>/files/upload_setup
Authentication: User
Response Format: JSON (transfer_specs)
Type: Synchronous
Request Parameter: JSON (transfer_requests)
Requirements: Token Generation Must be Setup

Curl Example

curl -i -v -X POST -u testnodeuser:testpassword -d '{ "transfer_requests" : [ { "transfer_request" : { "paths" : [{}], "destination_root" : "/" } } ] }";'



Transfer Requests

  • transfer_request
  • source_root, destination_root, and paths (paths consist of sources and/or destinations).
    • A download request requires at least one source
    • An upload request requires at least one destination. 
    • The source or destination may be "." to signify downloading or uploading the source_root or destination_root itself.
  • content_protection
  • target_rate_kbps
  • target_rate_cap_kbps
  • rate_policy and rate_policy_allowed ("low | fair | high | fixed")
  • cipher and cipher_allowed ("none | aes-128")
  • remote_host
  • ssh_port (integer)
  • fasp_port (integer)
  • http_fallback (true|false)
  • cookie (way to include metadata with transfer. Node will echo back the cookie)
  • tags. (way to include metadata with transfer. Node may add or modify tags)
  • token_life_seconds to specify the validity lifetime of the generated token (available since Enterprise Server 3.6.3)

Transfer Specifications

To learn more about transfer_spec please see the Transfer Specifications page in Connect Client.

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