The Redistributable Package allows an application to use the FASP Manager to perform transfers without installing any Aspera Software.  It contains executable files and configuration files that are essential for performing FASP transfers. You can place these files anywhere on your local machine and point FASP Manager to their location.  Please refer to FASP Manager on how to reference them in FASP Manager.  Since these packages can be used both server side and client side you may not need all of the files that are in the package.  Please refer to the README file that is located in the package you download below for more information on the files you will need.

The IBM Aspera Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a lightweight shell scripting tool that be used to automate Faspex and Shares tasks without having to do additional coding. The CLI is for users and organizations that want to automate their transfer workflows; it provides an alternative to using the API for the same functionality.

For more information, see the IBM Aspera CLI User Guide (select your platform and transfer server version to access the document link).

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