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The Aspera FASP Stream API was designed to allow Aspera transfer technology to be integrated into application while providing a familiar paradigm to developers. To learn more about the FASPStream SDK, view the Intro to FASPStream video. The FASP Stream API can be used to send byte-stream data using the FASP protocol and allows third parties to integrate directly to allow for direct ingest and deployment to any Aspera Server as well as Point-to-Point environments using a simple File IO interface.  

FASP Stream can be approached in multiple ways.  You can use FASP Stream for:

  • Stream to Stream - which lets you feed data from an application to another application using Standard IO and the FASP Protocol, this allows a quick way for your application to read in data and send it to another application that can render it or utilize it as the data is received.
  • File to Stream - which lets you send a file from an Aspera Server to an application that can read the file as a stream of data and interpret it or use it without waiting for the entire file to be delivered.
  • Stream to File - which lets you stream data from your application as it is being generated to an Aspera Server that can save it to a file on the server once it receives the end of the stream.
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