To optimize your transfers, you can make calls to ATS (Aspera Transfer Service) from the FASP Manager SDK.

Preliminary Tasks:

  • Download the appropriate version of the FASP Manager SDK.
  • If you have the Aspera transfer server (Aspera Enterprise Server or Connect Server), or Aspera Client installed, follow the instructions for configuring your environment in the "Embedded Client" section; otherwise, download the Redistributable Package for the client, which provides the aspera.conf configuration file, Aspera license, and transfer binary (ascp).

Define the following in the transfer request:

  • Remote transfer location (hostname for ATS service) - IP address of the server cluster for ATS. Click one of the URLs below to find the IP address for your region:

    See the Getting Started guide for ATS for more information.

  • Transfer user For ATS - always xfer.
  • Security credential - this is the path to the Aspera Connect SSH private key, asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh. This private key file can be retrieved from any installation of Aspera Connect; the simplest way to get it is to download the Aspera Connect installer from, install it, and copy the asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh file to the project folder.
  • Additional transfer parameters - as described in the example files for the SDK
  • Authorization token - in ATS, xferparams.token = Basic access_key:secret. Note: The entire string, access_key:secret, must be base 64-encoded.

Request Parameters

Parameter Example Value
ATS host name example.ats.asperacloud
Access key 12345_access_key
secret super_secret
Connect private file location /opt/myproject/var/asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh

Request Examples:

Assuming the parameters above, the following are examples of a download request to ATS from FASP Manager (in Java and .NET C#):


RemoteLocation remoteLocation = new RemoteLocation("example.ats.asperacloud", "xfer", "/opt/myproject/var/asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh", null);
LocalLocation localLocation = new LocalLocation();
XferParams params = new XferParams();
params.tcpPort = 33001;
params.token = "Basic " +
+ Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString(("12345_ak_for_you:my_super_secret_for_ak").getBytes()); //Java 8 Base64 (import java.util.Base64)
TransferOrder order = new TransferOrder(remoteLocation, localLocation, params);
/* Submit the job for transfer */

[.NET C#]

RemoteFileLocation remoteLocation = new RemoteFileLocation("example.ats.asperacloud", "xfer", "/opt/myproject/var/asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh", null);
LocalFileLocation localLocation = new LocalFileLocation();
XferParams params = new XferParams();
params.tcpPort = 33001;
params.token = "Basic " + System.Convert.ToBase64String(System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("12345_ak_for_you:my_super_secret_for_ak"));
JobOrder order = new JobOrder(remoteLocation, localLocation, params);
/* Submit the job for transfer */
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