The Aspera CLI is a collection of Aspera tools for performing high-speed, secure data transfers from the command line. The Aspera CLI is for users and organizations who want to automate their transfer workflows; it provides an alternative to using the API for the same functionality.

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 Linux (x64, 3.7.7)

 Mac (3.7.7)

 Windows (3.7.7)

Previous Releases

 Linux (x64, 3.7.6)

 Mac (3.7.6)

 Windows (3.7.6)

 Linux (x64, 3.7.5)

 Mac (3.7.5)

 Windows (3.7.5)

 Linux (x64, 3.7.2)

 Linux (x86, 3.7.2)

 Mac (3.7.2)

 Windows (3.7.2)

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