The SOAP Web Service FASPSessionNET-200911 allows an application to reliably query FASP transfers without having to setup an observer.  The service is implemented in Aspera Central and runs at [server]/services/soap/FASPSessionNET-200911.  The SOAP messages transmitted to and from this service use literal style SOAP encoding. For more detailed information, see the Reliable Query page.

To get started using this Web Service you must enable the local datastore.  This can be accomplished by setting the persistent_store configuration option to 'enable' in the configuration manager or you can edit the aspera.conf file directly. An example of this configuration is seen below.

File transfers to and from an Aspera Node are always executed in the context of the session.  A session can contain one or multiple file transfers.  This section will go over information like lifecycle, states, filters, iterations and other attributes of this Web Service.

This document includes a list of SOAP Service Messages available including their arguments and return values.

This document includes information on the data types that are defined by the XML schema.

The FASPSession200911.wsdl file provides an example binding to  This file comprises the service that is used for code generation by the Web Service framework.  To use this file you must change the soap:address flag, which is located at the bottom of the file.

Fully working examples and cURL commands are provided on this page.  This includes examples in Java, Ruby and C# as well as cURL commands that are useful in Reliable Query.  To view the examples please download them and open them in their corresponding IDE or compiler or copy the cURL commands to a command prompt or terminal window.

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