A new SOAP service interface has been released that consolidates all non-deprecated operations of the existing SOAP Web Service Interfaces (Job Submissions, Job Monitoring, and Observer and Session Management) into a coherent and single full feature web service interface.  The Transfer service allows an application to:

  • Query for supported job types
  • Submit transfer job instructions for execution by Aspera Central
  • Get the identifiers of all the jobs
  • Cancel transfer jobs
  • Reliably query for transfer sessions
  • Modify the rate parameters of transfer sessions
  • Cancel transfer session.

This service can be found at http://serveraddress:40001/services/soap/Transfer-201210.

Job Operations

List Job Types

  • operation: ListTypes
  • soapAction: JobNET-200601#ListTypes

Submit Job

  • operation: Submit
  • soapAction: JobNET-200601#Submit

List Jobs

  • operation: ListJobs
  • soapAction: IScpTransferNET-200604#ListJobs

Cancel Job

  • operation: CancelJob
  • soapAction: IScpTransferNET-200604#Cancel

Session Operations

Modify Rate Parameters

Operation SOAPAction
SetRateParameters FASPSessionNET-200601#SetRateParameters
SetPolicy FASPSessionNET-200601#SetPolicy
SetTargetRate FASPSessionNET-200601#SetTargetRate
SetMinimumRate FASPSessionNET-200601#SetBandwidthCap
SetBandwidthCap FASPSessionNET-200601#SetBandwidthCap

Cancel Session

  • operation: CancelSession
  • soapAction: FASPSessionNET-200601#Cancel

Reliable Session Monitoring

Reliable Query

Operation SOAPAction
GetSessions FASPSessionNET-200911#GetSessions
GetSessionInfo FASPSessionNET-200911#GetSessionInfo
GetSessionStatistics FASPSessionNET-200911#GetSessionStatistics
GetFileTransfers FASPSessionNET-200911#GetFileTransfers
GetFileTransferInfo FASPSessionNET-200911#GetFileTransferInfo
GetFileTransferStatistics FASPSessionNET-200911#GetFileTransferStatistics
GetInfo FASPSessionNET-200911#GetInfo
GetStatistics FASPSessionNET-200911#GetStatistics

Additional Operations

Additional Operations that are included in the new Transfer Web Service can be found in the sub sections of each consolidated service found on the left bar.  Each of these services contain the full list of operations that are available to them and are included in this consolidated web service.


Below is an example of the WSDL file that describes the services and its data type.

 Download WSDL File

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