Complex workflows that integrate Aspera Servers may require the ability to be perform tasks when a transfer starts, completes or fails.  This is possible through the Pre/Post Processing feature.  You are allowed to create custom actions that can be executed before or after transfers.  

Configuration is very simple since the transfer events are made available as environment variables that can be used in scripts or programs.  However, please note that there is some limitation when transfer events need to be captured as they occur, as if this fails they are lost.  

Aspera Reliable Query API adds flexibility to Pre/Post Processing solutions.  This SOAP based web service exposes an interface to monitor the FASP sessions that are controlled by Aspera Central.  We have developed a simple Java service that emulates the Aspera Pre/Post Processing event model using the Reliable Query API, ap3e.

This service runs as a daemon in Linux and makes periodic queries to retrieve the session and file information and as needed transforms that information into transfer events that your script or application can use to handle the Pre/Post processing event.  The Aspera Reliable Query API addresses some of the limitations of regular Pre/Post processing by allowing:

  • Events not to be captured at time of transfer but instead emulated later,
  • Processes to be decoupled from the transfer service
  • All transfers to be Pre/Post Processed
  • Remote transfer events to be exposed by using the Reliable Query Service.

For detailed usage information, see the IBM Aspera Enterprise Server Admin Guide (select your platform and transfer server version to access the document link).

The program or script that is to run on the occurrence of the event is configured in the service runtime, an example of the normal workflow is seen below.


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