To configure automatic forwarding for content ingest or delivery you can set the following options:

  • File-by-File or File-Group submissions
  • Trigger Forwarding Actions based on Push/Pull Mechanism
  • Internally or Externally Initiated Transfers
  • Ingest Data (any number of sources)
  • Delivery to Aspera Destinations (any number of Destinations)
  • Whether to Preserve Directory Structures, Users, Cookies or Tokens
  • To use Encryption or not
  • Monitoring and Notification for Aspera Console

If you are using the Aspera Automation Toolkit you can also use the following advanced configuration options:

  • Strict Completion for Sessions Preservation (wait for all files to complete transfer before initiating forward; or forward with incomplete transfers)
  • Encryption at Rest and while in Transit
  • Whether to use Key-Based Authentication
  • Whether to use High-Availability and Clustered Deployments
  • Advanced Reporting and Notification for Aspera Console
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